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کندوکاو فلسفي براي کودکان و نوجوانان
  • This website primary purpose is to represent some information about activities of Iranians who are interested in P4C program and work in this area. So that by organizing such activities among all Persian audiences through the world, especially in Iran, develops a relevant version of the program which is appropriate to the local culture. The members and participants of the centre are those Iranians who like the program and want to do something, even a very little thing.

  • the other intention of the website is to represent the news and new achievements of P4C/ PwC and its developments through the world in Persian.

  • Those who are interested in the program and who have some works about P4c in/for Persian(s), such as appropriate projects and writings, and who are able to cooperate in advancing the program can contact us through the e-mail address:




About P4C in Iran


 نسخه فارسي

Persian varsion